North America

North America consists of twenty three countries: the largest being the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Greenland. Also there is a small self-governing territory of France, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, located near the south shore of the Canadian island of Newfoundland.

North America is the planet’s third largest continent, and includes all of the Caribbean and Central America countries, Canada, Mexico and the United States of America – three of the largest countries on the planet, as well as Greenland – the world’s largest island.

North America is teeming with opportunities for exploration, adventure, fun, and relaxation. North American natives as well as travelers from Europe and other parts of the planet who have never ventured into the “new world” have many surprises in store for them. However, they need not be unpleasant surprises.

Those new to an area they would like to visit might do well to take a guided tour first. Many tours are available from companies with much experience. But those who can afford the time might want to plan for an extra couple of days to explore on their own after they get the lay of the land.

Travel in North America is fairly safe, but as with any travel, tourists must always keep in mind that they are prime targets of those who would take advantage of them. So there are advantages and disadvantages to traveling with a group rather than alone.

North America travel

North America travel


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