European regions

Europe consists of a diverse set of countries that each have their own identity, language and culture. Below is a rough grouping of these countries into regions:

Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, & Greece)

The Balkans have a rich, though often turbulent, history with wonderful nature, charming multicultural towns, impressive monasteries and citadels dotting the hillsides, mighty mountains sprinkled with a liberal dose of beautiful forests and pleasant lakes. Continue reading


Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city, with a population of nearly one and half million people (nearly five million in metropolitan area), and the capital and largest city of Catalonia. The city, located directly on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, has a rich history dating back at least 2,000 years when it gained prominence as a Roman town under its old name, Barcino. Continue reading

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